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Carmelo’s Dunk on Argentina August 31, 2007

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There are probably going to be hundreds of dunks like this from the USA team, but I think this dunk by Carmelo Anthony on Argentina last night is going to stay at #1.

Garrard to be Named Starting QB, Leftwich will be Traded or Released August 31, 2007

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ESPN is reporting that the Jacksonville Jaguars will name David Garrard their starting quarterback and Brian Leftwich will be traded or released.

Leftwich was named the starter in the offseason by head coach Jack Del Rio, but Garrard’s improvement in training camp and preseason convinced Del Rio that Garrard was the right man to lead the Jag’s offense.

Leftwich has been plagued by injuries during his career.  The last two seasons, he has missed a total of 15 games due to ankle injuries.

I think everyone saw this coming.  Leftwich is just too injury prone.  He is as tough as they come, but a team just can’t afford to lose their quarterback for half of the season every year.

Garrard is a tough quarterback as well and is more mobile than Leftwich.  There have been countless times where he was able to avoid the rush by scrambling and hit the open man.  When he took over as the starting QB when Leftwich went down last year, there wasn’t much of a drop off in play.  At times, the team had a better flow on offense.

I think Garrard will easily fill the shoes of Leftwich and make a name for himself as a starting QB in the NFL. The question is, where will Brian Leftwich end up this season?


It’s Always Hurricane Season in the NFL August 31, 2007

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Miami HurricanesIf you’ve read my about page, you know that the Miami Hurricanes are my favorite college football team.  Sure, the program may not be as strong as it used to be, but one thing is for sure, the Miami Hurricanes have produced some great NFL players. 

The Hurricanes hold the record for most players selected in the first round with 6 players drafted in the 2004 NFL Draft.  For the past six years, the Hurricanes have had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.  They also hold the record for having 66 consecutive weeks of having at least one player from the University score a touchdown in the NFL.  Lastly, the U has the most alumni on active NFL rosters than any other university.

The list could go on forever, but here are just a few of the Miami Hurricane alumni that have become great players in the NFL:                                       

Jonathan Vilma

Ray Lewis

Clinton Portis

Ed Reed

Frank Gore


Top Five: Victims of Michael Jordan August 30, 2007

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Jordan Shooting Over Drexler5.  Clyde Drexler/Cliff Robinson- The Bulls and the Trailblazers met in the 1992 NBA finals.  Jordan was after his second ring and determined to prove that he was better than Clyde Drexler.  Although Drexler and Cliff Robinson would attempt to contain Jordan, MJ went off in the first game.  Jordan got in the zone and made 3 pointer after 3 pointer, eventually hitting 6 threes in the first half.  Jordan was so hot, he couldn’t even believe it.  After he hit yet another three, he looked over at commentators Marv Albert and Magic Johnson, shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders as if to say, “I don’t even know whats going on.”  In the first half alone, Jordan had 35 five points.  The Bulls went on to win the game, and eventually their second championship. 


Jordan vs. the Celtics4.  The Boston Celtics- You know you’ve victimized a team when Larry Bird later refers to you as “God disguised as Michael Jordan.”  Just a couple games back from a foot injury, Jordan abused the entire Celtics team, scoring 63 points at the Boston Garden. MJ really seemed unstoppable in this game.  He was scoring at will and talking trash to the fans at the same time.  Jordan abused Bird a couple of times down the court as well.  Everyone remembers the move where he drove hard to the right, stopped and dribbled twice between his legs, and shot the jumper in Bird’s face.  Bird looked lost on that play.  No one had ever seen one player single handly destroy the great Boston Celtics.



Jordan’s Game Winner Over Russell3.  Bryon Russell-  No one wants to be remembered as the guy that Jordan hit the game winner over to win the series and presumably end his perfect career.  Enter Bryon Russell.  Although it may have been just a little push off, the game wining shot by Jordan in the 1998 finals against the Utah Jazz is an absolute classic.  Russell was in a good defensive stance at the top of the key.  Jordan drives hard to his right, gives Russell a “little nudge”, and shoots the J with perfect form.  Nothing but net.  Jordan then proceeds to hold his perfect form just a little longer than usual.  The Bulls win.  Russell is yet another player made famous by His Airness.




Artest Plans To Reach Out To Vick August 29, 2007

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NBA star Ron Artest plans to come to Michael Vick’s aide after he heard the Falcon’s QB speech on Monday. 

I want to call him and support him, you know, be there for him.  [He] lied and then came back and apologized to everybody, I felt that was classy.  I was touched that he took full responsibility. I felt that was a real man. I know for a fact he’ll come out a better person.

Surprisingly, Artest did not say anything idiotic or crazy.  The NBA star actually sounded like a wise verteran that had learned from his mistakes, and had great advice for any player that has gone through tough times.

I think athletes just gotta be more aware.  At times things happen so fast in your life, you just stay living that same lifestyle. You can’t do it no more. I just hope people can take the mistakes I made, mistakes other people are making and just learn from them.

First Marbury and now Artest.  Vick probably wishes that he had players that aren’t somewhat crazy backing him up.  I’m not so sure that Michael Vick would want somebody like Artest in his corner, but in Vick’s case, he’ll need all the help he can get.

Your Call: Michael Vick Speech Sincere? August 28, 2007

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My friends and I have mixed feelings about the speech Michael Vick delivered yesterday.  Some of us tend to believe that he truly was sincere about everything he said, while others did not believe one word that came out of his mouth.  I personally believe that the speech was somewhat sincere. Based on the other speeches we’ve heard in the past by athletes that have been in trouble, that really seemed like it was from the heart.  The only issue I had with the speech was the common  “I found God” part of the speech.  It seems like everyone turns to God when they get into trouble.  What did you think?  It’s your call.





Travis Henry Has Nine Children… With Nine Different Women August 27, 2007

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Travis HenryThe Atlanta Constitutional Journal is reporting that Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry was facing possible jail time because he couldn’t come up with $9,800 for child support.  Henry, who has nine children with nine different women, had to borrow the money from his former team, the Tennessee Titans to pay the child support.  He is currently paying child support for seven out of the nine children.

This week, Henry was ordered to pay $3,000 for a boy he fathered out of wedlock three years ago.  He was also ordered to establish a $250,000 trust fund before next spring.

The next Shawn Kemp?


The Shoe That Started It All August 26, 2007

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Pictured above is the first Jordan sneaker made by Nike.  Released to the public in 1985, the Air Jordan I revolutionized the basketball shoe as we know it.  The original colors were red and black and had a winged basketball logo on the side above the ankle as well as a large Nike swoosh on the side. The original price for the shoe was only $65.  The shoe  also came with a set of double laces to match the two colors. Jordan unveiled them in a game against the Philadelphia 76’ers on November 17th, 1984. Shortly after however, the NBA banned the sneaker stating that it did not follow the on court dress code.  The NBA fined Jordan $5,000 a game for wearing them, but the ban only created more buzz for the shoe.

Since the release of the Air Jordan I, there have been 21 other Jordan shoes released.  The shoe line is arguably the most popular shoe in the world selling out in stores across the country within hours.  Jordans are being sold for up to $1,000 on ebay and have become collector items, as the demand for retro Jordans continues to grow.  Everyone has their personal favorite Jordan sneaker, but the Nike Air Jordan I is the shoe that started it all.


Vick’s Father Claims Vick is Heavily Involved in Dog Fighting August 25, 2007

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I wish people would stop sugarcoating it.  This is Mike’s thing. And he knows it.

Those are the words spoken by Michael Vick’s estranged father, Michael Boddie.  Boddie  claims that Vick has been involved in dogfighting since 2001, and would stage dogfights in the garage of the family home in Newport News, Virginia. Boddie stated that he would nurse the injured dogs back to full health after the fights.  He also claims that he warned Vick not to participate in dog fighting.

Boddie is apparently frustrated that he has been accused by Vick of not being a part of his son’s life.  He states that he has had drug problems in the past, but was there for Vick and his other kids.   Boddie plans to release a book telling more of what he knows.

Vick and his father rarely talk to each other, and when they do, it’s through an assistant. There are reports that Boddie asked Vick for $700,000 a couple of weeks ago through an assistant, but was denied by Vick.  Two years ago, he asked Vick for $1 million spread over 12 years, but that too was denied.  Vick does however pay for his father’s apartment and payed for his rehab.

This is just a classic story of a father that was never there for his son, but when the son suddenly becomes a superstar, he then decides that he wants to be a father, not realizing that he’s about 22 years late.  

I think it’s safe to say that Boddie is more upset about not getting rich off of Michael Vick, than being accused of not being a good father. It’s obvious that he’s not making these claims to the media as a way to do the right thing, but is rather making an attempt to make money off his son’s current situation.  I hope the media doesn’t add more fuel to this story and give Boddie more opportunities to make money off of Vick.


Vick Suspended Indefinitely August 24, 2007

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We all saw this coming, but the NFL has officially suspended Michael Vick indefinitely.  According to nfl.com, commissioner Roger Goodell notified Vick on Friday that the suspension will be without pay and will be effective immediately.  Here are the statements Goodell issued by letter to Vick:

Your admitted conduct was not only illegal, but also cruel and reprehensible. Your team, the NFL, and NFL fans have all been hurt by your actions.

Your plea agreement and the plea agreements of your co-defendants also demonstrate your significant involvement in illegal gambling. Even if you personally did not place bets, as you contend, your actions in funding the betting and your association with illegal gambling both violate the terms of your NFL Player Contract and expose you to corrupting influences in derogation of one of the most fundamental responsibilities of an NFL player.

You have engaged in conduct detrimental to the welfare of the NFL and have violated the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

I will review the status of your suspension following the conclusion of the legal proceedings. As part of that review, I will take into account a number of factors, including the resolution of any other charges that may be brought against you, whether in Surry County, Virginia, or other jurisdictions, your conduct going forward, the specifics of the sentence imposed by Judge Hudson and any related findings he might make, and the extent to which you are truthful and cooperative with law enforcement and league staff who are investigating these matters.

I have advised the Falcons that, with my decision today, they are no longer prohibited from acting and are now free to assert any claims or remedies available to them under the Collective Bargaining Agreement or your NFL Player Contract.