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Randy Moss On How He Would Like To Be Remembered January 31, 2008

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I think we all agree that we’ve seen a completely different side of Randy Moss this season, both on and off the field.  Here is a video of Moss telling reporters and fans how he would like to be remembered.


Chris Paul Has Got My Vote for MVP January 29, 2008

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Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul is hands down the MVP this year.  Not only is he leading the league in steals, but he’s averaging a double double with 20.6 points per game and 10.5 assist per game. 

On Monday, Paul led the Hornets to their ninth straight victory, defeating the Denver Nuggets 117-93.  Paul nearly recorded a triple double with 23 points, 17 assists, and 9 rebounds.  He has recorded double digits in assist in nine straight games, which is the second longest streak in team history.

Thanks to the amazing play of the third year point guard out of Wake Forest, the New Orleans Hornets are in first place in the western conference with a record of 32-12.  This is a far better improvement from last year’s record of 39-43. The sole reason for the turnaround is Paul simply makes his teammates better.  Just ask Tyson Chandler.  The two have connected for the most alley oops than any other duo in the league.  

Paul has the ability to create for himself and create for others.  He’s is by far this season’s MVP.  I just hope the NBA gets it right this time.


He’s Only 19 Years Old… WOW January 28, 2008

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He’s only 19 years old, but this kid can fly.  Be sure to check out the dunk at the end of the video.

Shaq Should Be in Those MasterCard Commercials January 26, 2008

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Shaq’s Monthly Expenses:

Vacations: $110,505

Gifts: $60,417

Clothes, Dry Cleaning, and Laundry: $23,950

Child Care: $46,500

Gas: $24,300

Food: $12,775

Mortgages for three homes: $468,345

Spending all this money, and it doesn’t even put a dent in your bank account…



All Talk on the Miami Heat January 25, 2008

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The Heat Aren’t Even WarmThe Miami Heat are by far the worst team in the NBA.  On Thursday, they lost their 15th straight game, losing to the San Antonio Spurs 89-90. With a losing streak that began on December 22nd, I only see things getting worse for the Heat.

I’ve always been a fan of Shaq, and I never thought I would see the day that he wasn’t dominating, but it looks like that day has arrived. I went to a game last month when the Heat were playing the Golden State Warriors, and Shaq barely played!  He’s out now with a leg and hip injury, but as a fan, I hope he comes back strong and in shape.

To make matters worse, the Heat have a horrible supporting cast. You know you’re in trouble, when your fans wish Antoine Walker was back on the team.  They lost Alonzo Mourning to an horrific knee injury, and he was arguably their best defender.  Beside Wade and Shaq, Ricky Davis is their next scoring threat, which presents a problem within itself. With Jason Williams  as their starting point guard, Wade often has to play both the point and shooting guard.  They acquired Smush Parker, but apparently he’s not even allowed near the team facility.

I have to give credit to Dwayne Wade.  You can tell that he isn’t at full strength, but he leaves it all on the floor.  My only concern is his health. Other than Allen Iverson, I can’t think of another guy who takes more of a pounding every night. A few weeks ago, Pat Riley gave hints that Wade is hurting more than people think.  The Heat can’t rely on an injury riddled Wade to carry the entire team on his back, although he has most of the season.  Wade needs help quick or his career is going to be cut short.

It’s a wrap for the Heat this season.  I was never a really big fan, but I can’t help to be dissapointed at a team that won the NBA championship two years ago.  Hopefully, next season they can rebuild the team and become contenders again, because that flame on the logo has been put out by the rest of the league this season.


Top Five: ESPN Programs January 24, 2008

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If you walk into my dorm room, you can always count on two things:  My room is always going to be a mess and ESPN will always be on my television. I don’t know what I would do without the worldwide leader in sports, and there are programs that I never miss.  Here my Top Five ESPN programs.


PTI5.  Pardon the Interruption:PTI is a great show with a great concept. They don’t ramble on the latest news and headlines. They keep a set time limit for the argument and get straight to the point. Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornhieser are two of the best hosts working for ESPN.  Although the show is laid back with constant jokes being thrown around, both Wilbon and Kornheiser make great points regarding sports and athletes.


First Take4.  First Take- As much as I like this show, I liked it better when they had Woody Paige going against Skip Bayless.  Woody was kind of crazy, and Skip was a no nonsense type of guy, although he has loosened up these days. Still, the show provides heated debates between Skip and whoever dares to take him on. Overall, it’s a great show, but no one can ever replace Woody.


Mike and Mike3.  Mike and Mike in the Morning- I usually catch this show when I’m cramming for a test.  It comes on at 3:00 am on the west-coast.  What makes them different truly does make them great. With this show you get a fan point of view and a former player point of view.  Mike Greenberg is an announcer that really knows his sports, while Mike Golic refrains from giving the typical opinions that we often get from former players.


Jim Rome2.  Jim Rome is Burning- I’ve always been a fan of Jim Rome. Although he’s not as harsh as he was in past years, and no longer having athletes attack him, Rome definitely doesn’t hold anything back.  When athletes and coaches do dumb things, Rome lets them have it in the segment called Rome is Burning.  Another segment I like is The Forum where Rome discusses the latest sports headlines with two other sports journalists. What makes this show so great is the fact that Rome is often saying things that we sports fans wish we could say.



SportsCenter1.SportsCenter-C’mon, you knew this was going to be #1.  What would the sporting world do without that familiar sound of duh-duh-da-duh-duh-da?  SportsCenter gives sports fans everything and anything they need.  Their commercials are classics and their commenators have fun.  From highlights to interviews, this is the program to turn to.  The show is virtually flawless.  The only thing I would change is the Top 10 Plays.  There have been too many times where a basketball highlight gets robbed by a hockey or baseball highlight for the top play of the night.



Fill in the Blank: Tiki Barber January 23, 2008

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Now that Eli Manning has led the New York Giants to the Superbowl, I think Tiki Barber should                                .

Tiki Barber

Roger Clemens Comes Clean January 22, 2008

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My friend sent me a video of an exclusive interview with Roger Clemens coming clean and admitting he used steroids. Clemens holds nothing back in this interview.  Although this is not a real video, it’s certainly good for a laugh.

A 360 Double Between the Legs Dunk?! January 19, 2008

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On Wednesday, I posted a video of this dunker named T-Dub doing a 540 dunk with two hands.  Many people regard T-Dub as the best dunker in the world, but there is another dunker named The Air Up There that has been getting recognition the last few years. His signature dunk is the 720 dunk, but  if The Air Up There is able to get this dunk down, he is sure to become the best dunker the world has ever seen.  The fact that someone would even attempt this is scary.


Randy Moss Denies Battery Allegations January 17, 2008

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On Wednesday, Randy Moss had an informal press conference denying that he physically assulated a woman in Florida. Moss was doing a great job staying out of trouble and not bringing any distractions to the team, and this is by far the worse time to have distractions.  After viewing the press conference however, I honestly believe Moss on this one.